Update: The Final Push!

Hi all! It’s officially July and we only have 22 days until the big move! Today was our last Sunday at St. George’s Church and I had the opportunity to share the reflection on scripture. Next week I’ll be heading to another seminary, The University of the South, to work at SUMMA Student Theological Debate Society camp for high school students. When I get back, we’ll be loading up and moving to Seminary of the Southwest!

Everything is finally coming along and fitting into place. We’ve started packing, enrolled Bear in an Episcopal Day School down the road from where we will be living, and most recently, found out LauraAnn has been hired as an Assistant Teacher at Bear’s new preschool in another class! We are feeling blessed.

IMG_3882We certainly could still use your help though! LauraAnn’s salary will be our primary income while I am in school full time and we will be taking a significant pay cut. We could use help with Bear’s tuition, rent and utilities, groceries, the cost of insurance, and other everyday expenses that add up quickly. Seminary is expensive!

We could also use help paying for our moving expenses which include a truck rental, apartment deposits, gas, license and car registration fees, etc. Moving is expensive!

Please consider sharing this page or making a donation to our seminary fundraising site. YouCaring will be shutting down at the end of the month, so I am encouraging people to contribute by July 15th (just 10 days away!).


Thanks for all your love and support!

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