The Feast of San Óscar Romero

Today is the feast of San Óscar Romero who was an archbishop assassinated at the altar of his church in El Salvador in 1980 for speaking out for the defense and liberation of the poor who were being killed by the government-backed death squads protecting the power and influence of the elite. In Óscar Romero we have a holy example of the Church who cares not just for itself but for the lost and hurting amidst it.

This morning I had the honor of helping organize our morning prayer service in honor of San Óscar Romero and preaching for professors, students, and staff at the end of service. Below you can find a video of the whole bilingual service. My sermon begins at minute 20:25.

And above the video you can find a link to the service bulletin.

You can read the whole text of my sermon and watch a video with better sound quality here.

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