2 thoughts on “New Homily: Letting Go

  1. HI Fr. Derek,As I was riding my bike beside JD Park yesterday, I noticed a tortoise making his slow way on the grass beside the road and was suddenly filled with sadness. His shell looked so big and heavy! He was carrying a heavy burden and it reminded me of your sermon.¬†¬†There are people who are also carrying heavy burdens of regret, guilt or circumstances in their lives that slow them down and I was saddened, that unlike the tortoise, many of our human burdens can be relieved by just “letting go” and asking for help in prayer or communing with God in nature.I am not sure if I got the right message but your sermon made me think.Mary Jane


    1. What a lovely reflection! Thank you! Sometimes I also wonder if the tortoise shell is a burden. She moves so slowly under that weight! Other times I wonder if it’s a blessing–an invitation to move through life patiently and slowly. Like the story of the tortoise and hare!


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