TSSF Public Statement

29511795_1643151525752817_4607357012839808492_nAs a Franciscan and a Christian, I stand with the students of Parkland who say #NeverAgain . Here is an official statement from my religious order:

“The Creator of the our universe and Lover of our souls calls us every moment of every day. We are asked for our best, our utmost. Our hearts are torn over the senseless killing that is going on in this country, in the streets and in the schools. Our children now have grown into leaders overnight; they call us to that place where God would have us live: A place of peace and harmony and human dignity. A place of safety. As followers of St. Francis, we deplore the killing fields. We call for an end to gun violence and violence of all kinds. Help us to be instruments of peace in the world. We Franciscans stand in solidarity with the students of Parkland, Florida in saying, “Enough!” signed The Third Order, Society of St. Francis, Province of the Americas”


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