So proud to have been able to stand with our HS students today, one month after the school tragedy in Parkland, FL, to remember and honor the victims. At 10:00am the students met in front of the school and walked in silence to the chapel, along the way ringing 17 bells and tying 17 orange ribbons to the school for each of the 17 victims. In the chapel, prayers and encouraging words were shared and 17 candles were lit while pictures were placed in 17 empty chairs and 17 names were read with a brief sentence about each. Psalm 88 was read. The service was closed with words of hope. We don’t have to accept these events as normal. We can effect change. We can have the hard conversations. We can speak to people of influence. We can be more kind and loving to our neighbor. We can take our baptismal call more seriously to respect the dignity of every human being. We can put an end to this. We can make a difference. Enough is #Enough.

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